300 Young Sea Shanty Performers!

It was a grand day for students, parents, teachers, artists and us at the Polperro Music and Arts festival last Wednesday.

Holiday makers, members of local folk club, parents and those passing by at the festival heard over 300 students singing the Sea Shanties learnt through the Lost at Sea project that CoastNet is running with funding from HLF and the Villa Cross Media project.

Each school (Marlborough Primary School, Fourlanesend Community Primary School, Duloe CE VA Junior & Infant School and Antony CE VA School) had rehearsed separately so it was really exciting when they all came together, calling out to each other to sing along.

We’d like to thank the local artists who taught us the sea shanties for treating the young singers to some well deserved biscuits after the event.

Photos, videos of the songs, lyrics to come!


Eyes wide open! Finding a home for our new VXM media centre in Plymouth

We have been feeling excited and very busy during the last months looking for an appropriate building to rent or purchase for our Media Centre.

Young person from Plymouth City Council Youth Services website page

One eye is on a rental in the West End of Plymouth town centre. The other on a different location, potentially a purchase. We are liaising with surveyors and architects in order to make the right decision!

In the meantime we continue to build up interest and partnerships with key people and organisations in the Plymouth area from the Faculty of Education, Health and Society at University of Plymouth, the Zone youth organisation, the Youth Service from Plymouth City Council or the Shekinah charity that supports homeless people and tackles the issues of substance misuse and social exclusion.

We have recruited fantastic volunteers taking a media diploma at Plymouth City College. They have helped produce a film based on the Fishy Theatre work we delivered through the Lost at Sea project which is part funded by VXM. We’ll be posting the results of their work very soon on our blogs and website.

Sex education without the blushes…new film out soon!

Billy and George testing the camera.

At CoastNet, we continue to deliver our media projects with young people in coastal areas. We are working with the Torpoint Youth Group in a project called “Sexual education without the blushes” under the Villa Cross Media educational and production activities.

The 11 to 13 year-old’s from this youth group have been talking about sexual issues that matter to them. They have shared and discussed which are the key questions they think young people like them would make if they could.

On the 12th of June a filmmaker came in for some basic camera training and they are now writing up a script for a film in which they will explain and share what they have learnt while having fun!

UK Research Visit

VXM Partners at BBC Norwich Newsdesk

The UK leg of research by all partners for our youth media centres was a great success! CoastNet especially liked ‘Open’ in Norwich, a great new drop in space for young people. We were also impressed with just how much CSV squeezes into its clubhouse in Ipswich – a real hive of activity open early to late! We learnt more about radio, film, photography, sound recording and design equipment and had a useful talk on diversity. A big thanks to CSV for making us so welcome!

Partnership Building in Plymouth

The focus over the past month has been on meeting as many potential partners as possible across Plymouth in the media, youth and community, and education sectors as well as young people themselves. We are spreading the word fast about our fantastic new centre and sharing some of the excitement as well as ideas for activities in it.

We’ve also been rolling forward with ensuring that the building we’ve got our eye on for the centre is suitable for our purposes!

A big thank you so far to the following for your advice and/or enthusiasm/support:

Plymouth University students in media arts, music and digital art and technology, the University Social Work department, Architecture department and the Business School, FotoNow, Eat Music, Public Arts and Planning at Plymouth City Council, Plymouth College of Art, The Princes Trust and Deep Blue Sound Music.

Belgian partners visit community radio station in Plymouth

Ali at Eat Music

Plymouth Youth to Gain as Belgian Partners Visit City’s Community Radio Station

CoastNet  invited its partners from Belgium and Ipswich to Plymouth yesterday to see what the city has to offer, as part of the Villa Crossmedia project part-funded by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund.  Eat Music community radio station opened its doors to the Flemish and Suffolk visitors to share some of their music, digital media, and community expertise and passion.  It is intended that Villa Crossmedia will go on to work in partnership with Eat Music as well as many others as the project progresses.

Read the full article on the PLYMOUTH BUZZ blog

UK Research Visit!

We are looking forward to the UK research visit next week when all five partners in the project get together in Ipswich, Norwich and Plymouth! This is a great opportunity to see what other organisations and communities are doing in terms of media centres and youth media work. We hope to exchange lots of ideas and best practice and come away buzzing, like we did from the Belgian research trip in November!